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Why do you recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth?

When you lose a tooth in any area of your mouth, your best bet is to replace it as soon as possible. Dr. Jordan Humbert recommends dental implants for our Fort Collins, CO patients who are looking for the most reliable, long-term tooth replacement solution available.

Effects of Tooth Loss on Your Oral Health

Several things happen when you lose a tooth:

  • First, the jaw bone that supported the lost tooth starts to shrink, affects the stability of surrounding teeth, and leads to additional tooth loss.
  • All your teeth rely on each other for support. After tooth loss, adjacent teeth can start to tilt or drift into the void, causing crowding and misalignment.
  • Your teeth and jaws support and fill out your cheeks and lips to maintain a youthful appearance. When you lose one or more teeth, these contours change, and the result is a hollow or sunken-in appearance that makes you look older than you are.

Dental Implants Prevent These Problems

Dental bridges and full and partial dentures are and continue to be excellent choices for tooth replacement. But dental implants at our Fort Collins dental office are the only option that prevents all of these problems from occurring after tooth loss.

A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw that Dr. Humbert surgically positions in your jaw. As it heals, it forms a permanent bond with bone and tissue around it. Dr. Jordan then attaches a crown, bridge, or denture to restore function and appearance, and the result is a replacement tooth that is as close as modern dentistry can bring you to a natural tooth.

Call Us with Your Dental Implant Questions

Dr. Humbert has studied dental implantology extensively so he can bring this leading-edge tooth replacement to his Fort Collins, CO patients. Using state-of-the-art 3-D cone beam imaging, he can perform the entire implant placement procedure here at Centre Family Dentistry.

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