What is the most common dental emergency?

Toothache is probably the most common dental emergency. In many cases, the common toothache is accompanied by gum swelling. These symptoms can mean a tooth canal infection, considered a dental emergency in Fort Collins, CO.

To treat this common dental emergency, we perform a root canal treatment. This procedure involves extracting the infected tissues from the tooth while you’re under local anesthesia. Your dentist also cleans the canal and seals it temporarily. Then, we crown the tooth at a future appointment to prevent breakage or loss.

Failure to treat a root-infected tooth can spread infection and even tooth loss.

Other Dental Emergencies

Less common dental emergencies include:

  • Tooth or oral injury
  • Tooth loss or breakage
  • Restoration loss or breakage

If you have an oral health situation and are unsure whether it’s a dental emergency, we strongly recommend calling our dental office. A knowledgeable team member can assess your symptoms and determine whether you should come in immediately for treatment.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Fort Collins, CO

Treating dental emergencies with pain relievers alone will only make the problem worse. It’s crucial to seek dental treatment to keep your oral health intact.

If you have a dental emergency or are unsure, reach out to a team member today.