What is sedation dentistry?

At Centre Family Dentistry, we understand the visiting the dentist is not at the top of everyone’s list and that procedures and sometimes even cleanings can be anxiety-inducing experiences for some of our patients.

We are committed to creating the best dental experience possible, and apart from our friendly team and welcoming dental office, we help do that by offering sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Using a light sedation method by administering nitrous oxide–commonly called laughing gas–we can ease our patients into a relaxed state that can make the dental experience much more pleasant. It will wear off in time for you to safely drive yourself home.

Oral conscious sedation requires medication to induce a dreamy, relaxed state. Because the prescription is longer lasting, you will need a ride home from your appointment.

For some cases, we might also recommend deeper sedation through an IV injection. This heavier sedation will take longer to wear off, and the patient will need a ride home.

We don’t want to let our patients’ anxieties and fears prevent them from getting the dental treatment they need.

Fort Collins, CO Sedation Dentistry

If you have any more questions about sedation dentistry or how Dr. Humbert and his team at Centre Family Dentistry can help create a better dental experience for you, or if you are ready to schedule an appointment., please contact us.