What are the side effects of tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction in Fort Collins, CO, is sometimes necessary to preserve the health of your smile. It could be troublesome wisdom teeth or a severely damaged tooth that cannot be saved. For the latter, we can talk to you about tooth replacement options.

Fortunately, with today’s technologies, tooth extraction is straightforward with few side effects. For example, you may experience a few days of mild discomfort. For wisdom tooth extraction, it can be a bit longer. But over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient for reducing any slight pain.

Additional side effects include temporary chewing restrictions at the extraction site, light bleeding, and a soft diet for the first few days.

Reasons You Might Need Tooth Extractions

We recommend tooth extraction if a tooth is broken below the gumline and cannot be saved with a dental crown. Also, if you have periodontal disease and a tooth becomes too loose, it is sometimes safer to remove it.

Wisdom tooth removal and extractions before dentures or orthodontics are also possible.

If the dentist recommends extraction, we will always explain why.

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