Should a broken tooth be extracted?

Broken teeth don’t always require extraction. Centre Family Dentistry provides gentle, stress-free tooth extraction in Fort Collins, CO, as a last resort to protect your oral health.

Before suggesting a tooth extraction, we exhaust all other less invasive options. We can repair broken teeth using different methods, such as crowns, fillings, bonding, and more.

However, here are some signs a tooth might need to be extracted.

1. If You Have a Bad Tooth Infection

An infected tooth can affect other teeth, and the infection can spread. Root canal therapy can remove the infection and protect the tooth in question. However, if the tooth has severe damage and root canal therapy is ineffective, a tooth extraction might be necessary to prevent the infection from damaging other teeth.

2. If You Have Severe Overcrowding

Malpositioned or impacted teeth can overcrowd healthy teeth and cause other oral health issues. Sometimes, dentists need to remove teeth that are impacted, especially wisdom teeth, to make enough room in the mouth for essential teeth.

3. If You Have Severe Dental Damage

Tooth decay is often treatable, but when it’s extensive, the teeth can become unsalvageable. We consider damaged teeth to be teeth that are severely cracked and broken and can’t be repaired or saved.

Tooth Extraction and Tooth Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

We offer dental implants, dentures, and more if you need a tooth extraction and replacement. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll provide the treatment you need to have a healthy smile.