Is there permanent treatment for bruxism?

Because the root cause of bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) is different and ever-changing for each patient, it is hard to claim to have permanent treatment for it. Our dentists do, however, offer excellent solutions for dealing with clenching and grinding and the damage it can cause to your jaw joint (TMJ).

We’re also prepared to make adjustments and work with you if you encounter changes to your dental health over time that impact your TMJ health.

How Bruxism Impacts TMJ Health

The act of clenching and grinding your teeth typically occurs at night, and many people aren’t aware that it’s happening. However, severe cases may result in jaw joint pain or tenderness, pain when biting or chewing, your jaw locking open or closed, and even frequent headaches.

Bruxism can also cause excessive wear to your teeth, resulting in your jaw compensating so you can chew properly. This can cause pain and discomfort over time.

Treating Bruxism

One of the ways our dentists treat bruxism is with a custom oral appliance or night guard. Your mouth guard is comfortable to wear, fits over your teeth like a retainer, and protects your teeth at night while you sleep.

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