How is a dental crown placed?

Our dentists in Fort Collins are experts in designing and placing custom-made dental crowns. Your comfort is our priority, so we always make sure you feel relaxed and at ease before every appointment and procedure.

To ensure you don’t experience discomfort, we administer a local anesthetic to numb the area in your mouth where we’ll be working. We even offer nitrous oxide sedation for a more tranquil and stress-free experience.

Dental Crown Placement

Dental crowns generally take two appointments to complete. The first appointment is when we reshape your natural tooth, take impressions to create the final dental crown, and place a temporary crown. We will schedule the second appointment when we receive the final crown back from the lab. During the second appointment, we also check the crown’s fit, shape, size, and color. We secure it over the natural tooth using dental cement and finish the process by polishing it, so it matches its neighboring pearly whites.

Can a Crown Come Loose or Fall Out?

Crowns can sometimes become loose or fall out if you bite down too hard or sustain an injury to the mouth. However, there’s no need to worry. Our dentists can repair or replace your crown in no time!

Dental Crowns in Fort Collins, CO

Do you need a dental crown for a broken, damaged, or severely decayed tooth? Give us a call today! Our team would love to discuss your options for a healthier smile.