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Are you awake during dental sedation?

You are technically awake during dental sedation. However, with some options, you are so close to a sleep state that you’re unlikely to recall your treatment.

Fort Collins Sedation Dentistry Options

Our dentists are happy to offer three varieties of dental sedation, and we can discuss the option that best meets your needs.

For mild sedation, we typically recommend nitrous oxide. This is a relaxant administered through a nasal mask. After we remove the mask, the easy and detached feelings go with it. This makes nitrous oxide ideal for patients who have plans after seeing the dentist or need to drive home from treatment.

Oral and IV sedation are more potent, so you’ll need a friend to drive you home from treatment. With this type of sedation, it’s essential to rest and not make any important decisions until the next day.

Your dentist may recommend more than one option.

To learn whether sedation is a safe choice for you, your Fort Collins dentist provides a consultation, which includes taking a health history.

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To learn more about our dental sedation options or to discuss it in relation to an upcoming procedure, reach out to a dental team member today.