Are dental implants painful?

Lost teeth can be a fact of life. They may result from sports injuries or another kind of accident with the potential to knock out a tooth. Sometimes a tooth is fractured when you bite down on a hard item. Your tooth could even break off due to advanced decay, and that trauma could be painful in itself.

Missing Teeth Should Never Be Ignored

From the moment a tooth goes missing, potential problems are inevitable. These issues range from an infection in the empty socket to issues with chewing, and if the initial challenges go unsolved, the long-term impacts are worse. Your teeth rely on each other for support, so over time, the teeth around the gap may shift and lose alignment.

Getting A Dental Implant in Fort Collins, CO

The process of getting an implant involves a few steps linked with minor and short-lived discomfort. First, when we surgically install the implant base, we will numb the area to mitigate any pain you may suffer.

The truth is, tolerating missing teeth may be a more emotionally painful proposition than getting a dental implant to replace the missing teeth. So give Centre Family Dentistry a call to start the process and a long-term solution to dental pain.