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Are dental bridges considered permanent?

dental bridge relies on healthy teeth at each end of your smile gap to anchor it with crowns. A bridge fills in the open space with a prosthetic tooth. Because the healthy teeth that anchor the crowns have to be altered so the crowns will fit properly, a bridge is considered a permanent restoration.

Your dental bridge is customized with durable ceramic porcelain designed to complement your smile. Many patients who don’t want to have implant surgery or who don’t have enough healthy bone to support a dental implant find a dental bridge to be an excellent solution for one or more missing teeth. With good home care and routine dental checkups and teeth cleanings, your dental bridge can last anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

Other Tooth Replacement Options

If you’re living with compromised or missing teeth, a dental bridge is only one of your tooth replacement options. Fort Collins dentist Dr. Jordan Humbert is happy to meet with and evaluate your teeth so he can review all of your choices with you.

Dental Bridges in Fort Collins

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