How long does a dental implant procedure take?

If you’ve chosen to have a missing tooth replaced by a dental implant, the procedure has multiple steps. The overall treatment time could be several weeks to several months, depending on specific measures.

The first step in any implant procedure is the consultation with Centre Family Dentistry in Ft Collins, CO, to ensure an implant is an appropriate restoration. We will assess things like jawbone thickness, and the shape and color of your implant restoration will need to fit where the missing tooth once was.

Placement of Your Dental Implant in Fort Collins, CO

This step is the surgical portion of the process and where Dr. Humbert implants the replacement root into your jaw. The procedure involves between one and several hours, depending on your unique situation.

Healing and Fusing to the Bone

For several weeks after your implant’s base installation, your jawbone will heal around the implant and allow it to integrate. This process is called osseointegration and is what makes the entire restoration more stable and more substantial.

Final Step: Attaching the Restoration

Depending on the number of teeth we replace with implants, your dentist will design and manufacture the restoration. Then when osseointegration is complete, Dr. Humbert will add the restoration to the implant screw.

If you are ready to replace one or more missing teeth, the Centre Family Dentistry team is prepared to start today. Give our Ft Collins, CO office a call to set up your consultation.